What Can Chiropractic Care Do For You?

If you are suffering from back or neck pain that just won’t go away, or have limited mobility, chiropractic care might be the next step in regaining your health.

Our chiropractic office in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio can help to provide you with the pain relief you have been searching for.

Dr. Adolfo Diaz has been in private practice for 24 years and has treated patients from all walks of life including professional entertainers, golfers, wrestlers, dancers, hard laborers, office personnel, teachers, music artists, and politicians.

He has brought his extensive experience to serve the San Antonio community at an office shared with Dr. Jon Goff at Back and Body Chiropractic.

One consultation is all it takes to find out what chiropractic can do for you.

Why Chiropractic? Because it works when nothing else seems to help.

Such was the case in Dr. Diaz’s own life when chiropractic helped him recover from a disabling high school soccer injury that lasted 3.5 years. The care he received prevented the need for back surgery, and he was able to return to sports and a life free of constant pain and suffering.

If your pain and discomfort is caused by a dysfunction in the vertebras that has not been addressed, it could seem like you have tried everything and nothing works. This is why many new patients are surprised by the results and this is where chiropractic can make a big difference.

It is common for people to be unaware of spinal conditions that have been lingering for years that can cause constant pain. All it takes to determine if chiropractic can help you is a physical and radiological examination.

Whether or not you have tried chiropractic in the past, we would like to invite you to our clinic. Come discover the benefits of chiropractic treatment and learn, as Dr. Diaz once did, a proven way to recuperate your health and well-being.

​Give us a call today to learn more and set up your first appointment!